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March 19, 2020
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You might have seen that I have been talking about a “Virtual Horse First Aid Course”, and you could well be wondering what an earth this is and why I am running it. 


Well here are the reasons that I am running this Virtual Course, and an outline of what this is.  


At the time of writing we are in global lockdown due to the Coronavirus, and all in person events are cancelled with government advice to stay at home. 


So this means that I can’t run any in person Horse First Aid Courses, and it also means that many horse owners are at home, and some are unable to get to see their horses. 


It is an ideal opportunity for owners to use the time to learn more about caring for their horse, and with vets only able to attend emergency cases improving your knowledge to care for your horse has never been more important. 


So what is a ‘Virtual Course’? 


Well in short this is a live taught version of our popular one day Horse First Aid Course, simply split into three sessions, each running for two hours. Instead of meeting together in a hotel we will be meeting via our computers or phones, using a very easy to use video conferencing system called Zoom.


Questions that you might have…


Question 1

Is the training still delivered by a vet?

Yes I am very fortunate that FEI vet Kate Granshaw will be delivering the sessions


Question 2

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for owners, coaches, and equine professionals who want to take the best care of the horses they are responsible for, and ensure that their knowledge is up to date.


Question 3

What is covered on the sessions?

Session 1 –  Keeping Horses Healthy, The Horse First Aid Kit and Wounds

Session 2 –  Horsey emergencies and Colic

Session 3 –  Key times to call the vet, including eye conditions, lameness and infectious diseases

Question 4

When are the sessions running?

11th April 2-4pm

18th April 2-4pm

3rd May 2-4pm


Question 5

Will I get a certificate ?

Yes if you attend all three sessions I am more than happy to email you a certificate 


Question 6

What if I miss a session?

Don’t worry you can watch the replay afterwards

Question 7

I missed the start date, can I still join?

Yes you can still access the course after the first (or second) live session and catch up with the replays


Question 8

Is the technology difficult to use?

No it is very straightforward and I will offer a ‘tech’ test for anyone who feels that they would benefit from this. You can also access from your phone, tablet or laptop. 


Question 9

What is included?

As well as the three interactive sessions with our vet, you will also be given complimentary access to our digital Horse First Aid Course. I appreciate that these are challenging times at the moment and I want to offer as much value to owners and equine professionals as possible. 


Question 10

How much is the course?

It is £99 to join our Live Online course, or you can pay in instalments of £9.99 a month, and you will also get free access to the online course as well. This includes slides, videos and over 10 hours of audio training as well.


Question 11

I’m not based in the UK, can I still take part?

Yes of course, we have welcomed owners and riders from around the world onto our online Horse First Aid Course, and whilst some examples are UK based the knowledge and information is applicable to horses around the world


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