5 reasons horsey hubbies are great

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April 1, 2019
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April 1, 2019

Do you have a horsey partner? I am very lucky to have a great husband who can ride (but isn’t that bothered by riding) and he has been such a huge help and support over the years.

Horses are hard work, and you certainly need someone else who can support you/ make the dinner/ come to shows / cheer you up when it doesn’t go to plan

Do you have a horsey other half? What do they do to help you?

Here’s 5 reasons why it’s great to have a horsey hubby or partner:

    1. They get it
      Horses take up a lot of time (and money), but if you have a horsey partner they understand this. Ok so part of the time is chatting but that is a whole separate post on it’s own!
      You are less likely to get a text saying are you sleeping at the yard because realistically if you ride after work you won’t be home until 8 or 9pm. They will also understand the highs and lows of horses.
    2. They are useful at shows
      If you compete, or are out and about at clinics it’s great to have some support. It’s lovely having someone coming with you, but it’s even better when they can be useful and tack up, get sent to collect the right bit of tack and know what this is.


    1. They can muck out/ feed the horses
      If you are running late, aren’t very well or just need a break a horsey partner can actually muck out, feed and turn the horses out without you having to give 8 pages of instructions and you be worrying about what you might find later.


    1. They know you have a horsey look and moods to match the moodiest mare
      Let’s be honest we probably don’t look a million dollars when mucking out at 6am, and after a long day playing ponies we probably smell like a walking muckheap.
      Horsey people also flit from high points to lots of lows, a horsey partner will truly understand why you’re distraught that your horse has lost a shoe on a Saturday night before a competition, and not say great we can go out for dinner.


  1. You can ride together
    If you have a hubby who rides you can actually ride together, which in my case occurs every 5 years or so but is still lovely.

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