8 things your vet wishes you would do

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April 1, 2019
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April 1, 2019

Us horse owners can be a bit trying for vets at times. I asked our vets to see what they would love us horse owners to do (and not do). So here are 8 things equine vets wish horse owners would do

  1. Have the horse ready
  2. Be able to trot a horse up properly
  3. No hoof oil before a lameness workup or a vetting
  4. Not being on the phone while holding your horse
  5. Appreciate that turmeric is not a substitute for all other veterinary treatment and medication
  6. Remember that vets are quite happy to have a chat on the phone
  7. Tell your vet if your horse doesn’t like needles
  8. Remember that vets are human


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