Would you love to understand how your horse is put together?

Are you looking to transform your horse anatomy knowledge? Joining one of our dissection days is the next step to understanding more about how your horse is designed and functions.


Dissection isn’t for everyone I fully appreciate that, but it is the best way to truly take your horse anatomy knowledge to the next stage.

Reason to join a dissection day...

Dissection is an invaluable way to learn, and it is something that has hugely improved my knowledge and understanding of anatomy. Dissection was part of my MSc course that I undertook at the Royal Agricultural University, and I have to admit that I was quite reluctant about these sessions. However I found these workshops so useful, and the it really cemented by knowledge and understanding.

Here are 4 reasons that dissection is invaluable to help you understand how your horse is designed...

If you want to learn more about equine anatomy dissection is the best way to truly understand how a part of the horse is designed and structured. For instance the navicular bone appears flat in many textbooks, when it is actually a very different shape.

Despite many computer programs showing a 3D horse, dissection is still part of veterinary teaching programs as it is the best way to understand anatomy.

On our Horse Anatomy course owners are always amazed at the thickness of the tendons in the lower leg, during the leg dissection element. This really demonstrates how severe a tendon injury is, as it is a thick structure to rupture.

Many structures in the horse have a poor blood supply, so dissecting something like the lower leg isn’t as gory or as messy as it might sound.

What's included?

  • A led dissection with one of our vets
  • Handouts about the structures we are looking at
  • Lunch and all refreshments
  • A lab coat and protective equipment for the day

Course dates

  • 17th March – Norwich
  • 18th May – West Sussex
  • June – Nottingham
  • Autumn – Bristol (tbc)
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