You are a horse owner or rider who loves their horse, or the horses you care for. You want to make the best decisions for your horse, but you aren’t always sure if you’re doing the right thing for your horse…

Your horse has cut its leg, or perhaps you think it might be showing signs of colic. What to do you do? Panic? Hit Google? Ask everyone at the yard and get lots of different suggestions?

Maybe you are …

An experienced horse owner who wants to update their knowledge on colic, wound care and diseases.

New to horses and want to gain more information on caring for a horse

Keep your horse’s in a private yard or at home, and want to be prepared for different scenarios.

Whether you run a yard, or simply ride for fun you want to feel ready to cope with an equine emergency, know when to call the vet, and be prepared for colic.

Horses do injure themselves and they do become unwell. You want to be able to trust your knowledge and take the right steps to help your horse.

You want to learn more but there is so much conflicting information in the horse world. You feel stuck.

I have owned horses for years, and I’ve been there… You are at the yard at 10pm in the rain wondering if  you really need to call the vet out or not.

Information you can trust …

I love science and I have developed courses based on facts, evidence and research.

I believe in myth busting and breaking down ‘Old Wives Tales’ which are commonplace in the equine world

I work with experts and have fantastic vets who deliver training on all of our courses.

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About Nicola

Since 2017 I have welcomed hundreds of horse owners and riders onto our Horse First Aid Courses. They leave the course empowered to help their horses. They have the facts, they know what they can cope with and when they need help. I get it. Horses are hard work and it is devastating when something goes wrong. Are you ready? I’m Nicola. I’m a rider, an instructor, and a horse lover. I want to help owners to help their horses. .

Nicola Kinnard-Comedie BHSAI MSc Founder of NKC Equestrian Training

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