Common Concerns About Joining Our Equine Nutrition Course

Thinking about taking part in our Equine Nutrition Course but can’t make up your mind? 

I totally understand. It’s an online course, and it’s perfectly natural to want to double sure you’re making the right decision.

The course is designed for owners, coaches, and equine professionals who want to take the best care of the horses they are responsible for, and ensure that their knowledge is up to date.

Here are some of the most common concerns that have been raised about joining the Course, and my suggestions. 

Concern 1: ‘I can’t afford it ’

Some prospective students tell me they love the idea of taking part in the Equine Nutrition Course, and they would join if they could – but can’t afford it.

My advice

If this sounds like you, the first thing you need to do is change your mindset. Instead of saying ‘I can’t afford it’ ask yourself ‘‘what could I do to make it affordable?’

If you’re reading this post you’re a horsey person, and horsey people are great at making stuff happen. Come on you can control a 500kg plus beast, you are a ‘do-er’ and a problem solver. If you really want to get to the Conference you will find a way, and find the budget. 

Here’s a list of ways to find the budget to attend a course.

Try them and let me know how you get on.

Concern 2: ‘I don’t know if learning online is for me’ 

I appreciate that learning online can conjure up images of being stuck in front of your computer for hours on end, but actually our course is designed to be very user friendly, and accessible from your phone as well.

My advice

You can use the learning resources as quickly or slowly as you wish, and access from your phone or mobile device. The designated Facebook group will provide a social aspect, and you won’t need to arrange childcare, shell out on extra diesel or worry about getting back from a course in time to get the horses in.


Concern 3: ‘I don’t have time’

A common concern I hear from owners is that are too busy to join an online course, as they are trying to juggle horses, pets, working, family and other commitments.

My advice

I totally understand this, and would certainly put myself in the ‘time poor’ category. The fact that you are reading this means that you are interested in taking the best possible care of your horse. You probably read heaps of articles about nutrition, and are quick to research any concerns that you have about your horse. 

Joining our Equine Nutrition Course will save you time on googling, and reading forum posts which don’t necessarily have the most up to date information, and may only give you half of the answer. You will feel confident in your knowledge of how your horse’s digestive system works, and will be able to calculate your horse’s feed ration correctly.


Concern 4: ‘I’m not sure what is included in the cost of the course’

My advice:

Don’t worry it’s all included! 

One of my personal pet hates is to buy an online course and find it’s doesn’t have all the information that I wanted. I have worked closely with other horse owners to make sure we have got all their nutrition questions answered

Concern 5: ‘I’m worried the content will be to complicated for me’

Some owners say that they would love to take part in the Equine Nutriiton Course, but they’re not sure if it will be to technical for them.

My advice:

I’ve tried to give as much information as I can on the content and what is included in the course. If you are a new horse owner, have limited equine experience or are thinking about returning to riding then you might find that our Horse First Aid Courses are a better day for you. You can read all these here, including our online Horse First Aid Course. If you have any other questions…just ask!

It’s really not in my interest to have you take part in the course if it’s not a good fit for you. I want everyone who joins to have a great experience,  I don’t want you to leave negative feedback (!) so if it’s not right for you, I’ll tell you straight. Please do get in touch with any questions, simply email me [email protected].

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