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What should you keep in your First Aid Kit

  • Clean Bucket

  • Clean Towel

  • Torch

  • Scissors

  • Thermometer

  • Gloves

  • Gauze

  • Saline

  • Syringe

March 15, 2021

Laminitis Myths Article

Our understanding of laminitis is improving year on year, yet owners don’t always have the correct up to date information. Running horse first aid courses I […]
February 18, 2021

Common Concerns About Attending The Healthy Horse Conference 2021

Thinking about attending our Healthy Horse Conference but can’t make up your mind?  I totally understand. I see events and training days that I’d like to […]
January 6, 2021

The Horse First Aid Kit for Your Lorry Or Trailer

The Horse First Aid Kit for Your Lorry Or Trailer Most owners have a well stocked horse first aid kit at home, but a kit for […]
  • Vicki Cuff
    The course was excellent value for money, and I would recommend this to everyone who has a horse. Very relevant, interesting, informative and thorough
    Vicki Cuff
  • Sam Taw
    My friend and I attended the Horse First Aid Course in Southampton and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very informative and interesting and followed up with useful emails containing further information. Looking forward to attending the next course
    Sam Taw
  • Julie Yeates
    I would like to say a massive thank you to Nicola, NKC Equestrian Training for organising such a brilliant day. I attended the Horse First Aid course in November and couldn't wait to attend the second one. Dr Chris Baldwin was brilliant too and although there were lots of long medical words to get your head round, let alone your tongue, it was all explained so clearly. I can't recommend these courses enough. How we deal with sick or injured horses constantly changes and it is a great way to keep up
    Julie Yeates
  • Lottie Beadle
    I feel very confident that I know a lot about colic now. I have never been told the process from start to finish before and it was very helpful and interesting
    Lottie Beadle
  • Lesley Chandler
    The course made learning fun and the day was so informative
    Lesley Chandler
  • Malcolm Bronte
    So much to take away, lots to think about, myths busted and some new procedures to be started on our yard
    Malcolm Bronte
  • Sue Smith
    I attended the NKC Equestrian Training course on Horse First Aid which was brilliant. This course provided useful practical advice and if you’ll excuse the pun “straight from the horses mouth”. Having a vet there to answer any questions raised was extremely helpful, they dispelled myths and that I've picked up through the years. I have since attended a number of courses all of which reach the same heights of professionalism with good sound advice. I would highly recommend these courses to any horse owner.
    Sue Smith
  • Really enjoyed today’s BHS Horse First Aid Course held at Wilton RDA. Great refresh of some things I’ve covered before plus plenty that was new to me. Particularly good to hear direct from a vet with real case studies. I would definitely recommend. Also lovely to see a bit of Wilton RDA - perfect venue for this course and nice to meet some of the horses!
  • I attended with NKC Equestrian First Aid Course last weekend and it was excellent. Very interesting and informative. This course is great for horse owners and people working in the Equestrian Industry. Very well run, great venue and a great session run with a trained vet. Thank you.
  • I've attended two courses so far and both have been excellent. The 'your horses skin' course last Saturday provided a lot of helpful information. It is great to be presented to by vets that are both very knowledgeable but are also open minded on new treatments etc.
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