Horse First Aid Course

Sick of unnecessary vets bills?

Want to know when you definitely need to call the vet?

Fed up with conflicting advice about dealing with a colicky horse or a cut leg? Still having to google everything when something goes wrong with your horse?

What if you knew exactly when to call the vet, and what conditions you could cope with on your own? You could avoid unnecessary vets bills and make better decisions for your horse. On our one day training day with a qualified vet you will learn when to call the vet and what to do before the vet arrives. You’ll learn how to cope with equine emergencies and how to improve bio-security.

On our popular Horse First Aid Course you will receive a days training with our vet, refreshments, lunch, a goodie bag, printed materials and more to download.

We will tell you all the early signs of colic that 90% of owners can’t spot
You will find out key situations when you need to call the vet
You will be shown how to cope with horsey emergencies
We will give you materials to take away so you don’t forget what you learn on the day

What will I learn on the course?

  • Knowing normal for your horse, vital signs and preventive health care
  • The Horse First Aid Kit- What to include, products that you don’t need and why.
  • Wounds and wound care – types of wounds, how to manage and care for a wound and which wounds need a vet
  • Horsey emergencies- nosebleeds, the trapped horse and choke
  • Lameness
  • Eye conditions
  • Infectious diseases including Equine Influenza and Strangles
  • Biosecurity – practical suggestions, hints and tips to implement
  • Colic – signs you might not know, what to do, what to tell the vet, colic surgery and making a colic plan

You can learn more about our courses in our Frequently Asked Questions HERE

What is included?

The one day Horse First Aid Course runs from 10am until 4pm, and your ticket includes

  • Welcome refreshments on arrival
  • Lunch, morning coffee and afternoon tea.
  • Handouts
  • A copy of all the slides
  • Follow up emails to help you implement your knowledge from the course
  • Goodie bag and certificate


Is the course for me?

  • If you’d like to update your knowledge, make better decisions and take the best care for your horse then YES it is.
  • If you think you have all the answers, are closed minded and think that your way is best then NO the course isn’t for you..

Here is what other riders/ owners found when they attended a course…

Jo Siddington – It’s a the first I had seen of a course like this, I wanted to be able to deal with emergency situations confidently prior to a vet coming and also to have more knowledge when to and not to call the vet. After the course I have more insight in to dealing with colic, better understanding generally of first aid and feeling more confident to deal with emergency situations.

Joseph Padworth – It is hard to pick what was the best thing. It was good to discuss the different type of illnesses and the scenario of the strangles cases was eye opening.

Jo Watlington – I really enjoyed the day and came away feeling it was a worthwhile investment of my time and money.

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