From £0 to 6 figures – working 10 hours a week 

Are you ready to finally have the time for your kids and make money in your business?

I will be walking you through how I went from feeling sick and stuck in a corporate job to earning the money I wanted AND seeing my children.

21st June – 12.30pm GMT+1



After I had my first daughter (now 7) I knew I didn’t want to go back to work. I just wanted to be with her BUT I wanted to work. I wanted to make money AND I wanted the time.

I had no clue how to make this happen.

I went back to work full time, employed a nanny and was totally and eternally miserable.

I knew I had skills, I lacked the belief and the how to make it happen. Finally after suffering a miscarriage in 2017 I had enough. I was going to quit my job and find a way forward. 

I had the idea to run a training course in August 2017 for horse owners. I’m a horsey girl, I have an extensive background in equestrian and it made sense. I ran the first course in November 2017 just for fun. Little did I know that this would become the business of my dreams. 

 For the first time ever I am sharing the steps I took to take my business from a course I set up on my phone to generating five figures a month.

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, make side-hustles into full time incomes and launch new revenue streams. Now I’d like to help you too.

Perhaps you are feeling stuck with your business? Maybe you know you have a business idea but no idea where to start? I have taken many scenic routes in business but what I teach works and I would love to give you the help and support that I craved 5 years ago when I started my business.


I used to think it was either or….


1. You had the time and no money

2. You choose the money and never saw your kids, or anyone else because you were so busy working


A free Masterclass for Mums Wanting More – More money, more time and more freedom 

In this masterclass I am teaching :


Why your mind is the most powerful force in your business


How to have clarity in business


Ways to become more productive


Ideas on reaching your clients


✔️ You have a business that you want to grow
✔️ You have an idea but don’t know where to start
✔️ Your business isn’t making the sales you want
✔️ You are confused and overwhelmed about your next steps in business

So many business owners are…

• Posting content that doesn’t get results
• Stressing about their to do list and fixating on busy work
• Scared of succeeding (yes that is a thing)

When you are a mama this becomes even harder

  • Maybe you’re trying to run your business from your phone with a baby in one hand.
  • Perhaps you’re feeling exhausted and lack clarity about what to do next for your business.
  • Do you just want the results NOW so that you can take your kids on an amazing holiday or just spend more time with them?

Juggling business and children can be tough.

Working full time and building a business is also really tough.

That is why I have intentionally set my business up to work around my children.

I work around 10 hours a week.

I take almost all the school holidays off (I tend to work one day a week over the summer break).

I only work in the afternoons.

Let me show you the steps you need for success.

You can let it be easy or you can let it be hard. I made my life harder than it needed to be for so long.

This masterclass is my gift to all the mums who want more.

The mums who want to leave corporate soul sucking jobs (that was me in 2017)

The mums who want time and freedom and the money

The mums who have a calling to help others and want to be with their children

I promise to leave you with:
• Actions that work
• Clear steps to take
• Teaching that produces results


Here is what other business owners say about my work:

I have been working with Nicola for 9 months now, starting off with the Expert Method Retreat which opened my eyes to a whole new world! She gently but firmly guided me into being a badass business owner, and I have gone from 4 clients a month to regularly hitting my client and income goals every month. I highly recommend working with her, the investment is 120% worth it!
– Fiona Egeler

The mastermind brings business boss to an entirely new level! Nicola has helped me with mindset shifts I never thought possible. She is motivated and committed to her clients to help them get the best from themselves which has a major ripple affect into their business, relationships and life in general. Cannot recommend this programme enough. Invest in yourself, you will reap huge rewards.

– Ailin Walsh

I have loved every aspect of the Mastermind, the information and support Nicola has given me has allowed me to grow my business at such a speed I am wanting more! Her knowledge and expertise is second to none and I am so glad I have her support for a whole year. I can’t wait to see where my business will be by the end of it.

– Lisa Bartley Veterinary Physiotherapist and Rehab Expert

I first took Nicola’s Expert Academy course which was amazing! At the end she brought up a very good question, “What now?” I internally began to panic. She then talked about her Mastermind 12 month course and I had to jump on board! It has been such an awakening journey! Nicola is a terrific coach with so much support and guidance. I love how I can go back and watch the trainings when I fall behind and she is always available for a chat. The group is full of amazing people who support one another which is hard to find in the equine world. I HIGHLY recommend working with Nicola and signing up for the course no matter where you are on your journey as an equine practitioner – it will change your life!

– Kaelyn Dowdy