Online Courses

If you can’t make it to a course don’t panic, you can still update your knowledge with us. Work around family commitments, horses and dogs with learning on the go.

Read more about our online Horse First Aid Course HERE

What is included in our online courses?

Just like our live courses our online programs will have information that you can truly trust. The course materials have been put together with our vets, and I have worked very hard to produce materials suited to a variety of learning styles.

The learning materials are all hosted in a private facebook group, making it easy for you to find,  straightforward to ask questions and also to offer a way to interact with other owners taking part in the course.

We have ten units for you to work through at your own pace, and each section includes slides for you to watch / read through, videos and audio materials recorded with our vets. The slides can be viewed at the same time as you listen to the audio episodes, and whenever possible these podcasts also work without the slides. This will allow you to be be listening whilst mucking out, driving or walking the dog; horsey people are excellent multi-taskers after all.

You will receive a printed learner pack in the post, and this includes summary handouts, and a workbook with space to write your own notes as well.

What Our Clients Say

“It is nice to swap comments and discussion with other members as you would if attended a day course in person. I love the community and the Ask the Vet sessions” – Catherine

Resources are of high quality presentation and a pleasure to do.- Rosie

Thanks for answering my questions the advice was definitely helpful – James

Colic is such a scary topic, but really really useful up to date information. – Jennifer

I spoke to Nicola at NKC, about attending a day course, but after a discussion with her, it became clear that the online course would suit me better. Once I had joined the group, I found the course very easy to follow. I am not a particularly techno person, but even I could operate every link. It was so very informative, with lots of guidance. The podcasts and vet shows were particularly good, as you can listen whilst on the go. You have constant access to NKC, for questions and you get to meet new horsey people. It really did fit around my busy life and I would recommend it to anyone. – Lisa

The pod casts are brilliant and the range of professionals contributors are fantastic. The amount of information, level of detail is great and the resources are fantastically presented.  You can dip in and out of in your own time, and ask lots of questions. This course is an absolutely must do- Cat

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