The Ridden Horse Ethogram with Sue Dyson – replay
April 25, 2020
Hoof and Heel – expert training with farrier Jeff Newnham and vet Kate Granshaw
July 10, 2020

Sue Dyson Webinar Replay- Listen to Your Horse



Our horses are frequently trying to communicate with you, but as riders, owners and trainers we aren’t always listening. Mainly because we don’t always realise that our horses are trying to communicate through behaviours that can be dismissed as naughty, green or ‘just how the horse is’.

Dr Sue Dyson presented a fascinating training session looking at More Than 20 Ways That Your Horse Might be Uncomfortable, which makes invaluable viewing for coaches, practitioners and owners. This information is as relevant for a top event horse, or a family pony.

You will receive a link to view the training session and our downloadable workbook to support the training session.

Questions were taken on the day, but you are most welcome to get in touch with any questions after the session


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