Questions that you might have about the Horse First Aid Course Online

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April 5, 2019
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April 5, 2019

How do I get the most out of the course?

Personally I think that learning works best when you can hear or read something more than once. I have designed the learning materials so that you can ‘dip and in out’ of the resources, allowing you to fit the course in around a busy lifestyle. I would suggest using the podcast episodes when you’re driving (handfree of course), mucking out, walking the dog or pottering around at home. I’m a huge fan of podcasts because you can be learning and doing something else at the same time.

You can view the slides on your phone, and these work well if you listen to the the podcasts while you view. If you want to access the course on your desktop or laptop computer you might find that these slides are best viewed as a PDF file, these are all hosted in the ‘files’ section of the course.

I’ve signed up… what happens next

You will be invited to access the private Facebook group where the modules are hosted, and you can get cracking with the materials straight away. Your printed learner registration pack will be send out to you within 3-5 days in the post.

When are the “Ask our Vet” sessions?

These will be run at regular intervals, starting from mid April 2019 onwards. You will receive an email with the time of day of these sessions and there will be information posted in the Facebook group as well. You can submit questions in advance, ask questions live and if you can’t make the session you can view afterwards as well.

Why does the online course cost more than the one day course?

If you are interested in joining our Horse First Aid Course Online you might be wondering how much it costs to create a course like this, and why it costs more than our one day courses.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of what is provided in costs our Horse First Aid Course Online, and some of the costs of this.

More modules

Our Horse First Aid Course Online consists of 10 modules, and 4 bonus case studies for owners to work through. Each module includes powerpoint slides to view, videos to watch and a podcast episode with our vets. There are over ten hours of audio materials to listen to, which took a long time to record and edit.  Our one day course is around 6 hours, including breaks for lunch and refreshments.

More learning materials

Owners receive a learning pack, which contains a printed workbook that I created,  together with other learning materials. We do offer some handouts on our one day course, but not the printed workbook.

More access to “Ask our Vet”

On our one day courses a very popular feature is the ability to ask our vet questions. We wanted to keep this feature in our online course, and owners can access a regular live “Ask our Vet Q & A” session to get their questions answered. Access to these sessions is for one calendar year, which gives much more chance to ask questions than on our one day courses.

More support

The learning materials are all hosted in a private Facebook group, which means that they can be easily found by owners as no password or extra link is required. Hosting the materials within Facebook makes it easier for owners to ask questions and receive my help when they need it. I also hope that owners will be able to interact and learn from each other if they wish


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