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If you are thinking about joining our Equine Nutrition course then you might well have a question (or two). It’s perfectly natural to want to learn more before investing in an online training programme. Here are eleven of the most commonly asked questions and my responses.

1. What is covered on the course?

The course contains around 30 hours of learning, and is suitable for equine professionals (grooms, therapists, instructors and those undertaking BHS exams) and horse owners.

▶️The Equine Digestive System – you will learn about the structures of the digestive system, and quite simply how grass turns into poo.

▶️Nutrients your Horse Needs – including carbohydrates, fibre sources, protein and fats

▶️Hay and grass – what you need to know about the forages that your horse eats

▶️Forage Analysis – what does it mean and why it’s important

▶️Rationing- Deciding what to feed your horse


▶️Understanding the feed bag

▶️Feeding for common conditions and specialised cases (including the good doer, the underweight horse, the fizzy horse, the lazy horse, the laminitic, those with Cushing’s and EMS, horse with ulcers and those with a history of colic)


2. What will I learn on this course?

You will be taught the design and function of the equine digestive system and how your horse breaks down its food. The nutrients your horse needs, and why, how to calculate a ration, and how to understand the packaging and labelling of horse feeds. You will learn about supplements, and we will break down how to choose a supplement for your horse. Feeding ‘special cases’ – the laminintic, the poor doer, the older horse, horses prone to gastric ulcers and those prone to colic are all covered. 

After the course you will know what to feed your horse, be confident in your knowledge and won’t need to hit google every five minutes.


3. How much is the course?

It is currently available on pre-sale at £150, post launch it is £175. With around 30 hours of learning that makes it just over £5.50 per hour to learn, so the same as a coffee and a muffin a week or 6 riding lessons over the year


4. How long will the course take me?

Well that’s sort of ‘how long is a piece of string’ but we estimate it to be over 30 learning hours. However there is no rush to finish the course, I appreciate that horse owners are busy people. You can go at your own rate, I really want you to get the most from the materials.


5. Do I need to have completed any of your other courses first?

 No not all, you don’t need to have completed any NKC Equestrian Training courses before, nor do you need any qualifications or special experience to take part. If you’re not sure then please do pop me an email. If i don’t think the course is right for you I will tell you, it’s certainly in my interests to make sure that the course is a good fit for you.


6. Can I pay monthly?

Yes there is a monthly payment plan of £13.55 for 12 months if you start before 31st January, just click here for more details 


7. I’m new to horses, is this course for me?

Nutrition is really important, but you might find that this is a lot of information if you’re new to horses. I would suggest taking part in digital Horse First Aid Course as a starting point for horse care.


8. Is there a time limit to complete the course?

 No there is no time limit to finish the course, and you will have  lifetime access to the materials. That way if you hit a new challenge with feeding your horse, or you get a new horse then you can revisit the materials and recap your knowledge.


9. How is the course delivered?

The course is self study, at your own pace, and the learning materials consist of videos, quizzes and worksheets. The materials will be available on my website, as well as within a private Facebook group as well.


10. What if I have a question or I get stuck?

 Just pop me an email or comment in the group and I will get you an answer. I am really here to help you. 


11. Who wrote the materials?

I have produced the course together with an independent Equine Nutritionalist, and one of our lovely vets.

If you have any further questions about the course please do pop me an email ([email protected]) I’d love to know if you will be taking part.

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